1.Can you please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi all, I am HSD, the author of The Blue Bell Villa. I am an anonymous author. I belong to Bengaluru. I do not believe in revealing too much about me.

2.Tell us about your book.

The Blue Bell Villa is a book almost entirely written in train journeys. The last chapter was written on Platform # 2, Nagpur Junction at 2 am (forgot the date but the year is 2015). It is in the mystery fiction category but I personally feel that the book is beyond the genre. It has philosophical, historical and comedy elements in it.

3.We see that usually authors try to start their career by writing romance genre but you chose to write about crime, thriller and mystery. Why did you think to pick up this particular genre?

My first manuscript went unpublished. It was titled Destination: Destiny. It was written randomly, without a thought about genre. Later I realized that an author needs to choose a genre. I chose crime fiction since I like weaving a plot, keeping the reader in suspense and revealing the mystery at the right time. I do not care about the protocols.

4.What were the challenges you faced while writing this book?

The book was written during train journeys. I had to balance my work and writing. So, I decided to restrict writing during train journeys (2-3 days of one-way journey) that I regularly undertook for official work.

5.When did you realize that you wanted to write a book?

Between 2013 and 2016, I had to travel across India for various projects. Trains became my second home (I have to thank the Indian Railways for The Blue Bell Villa). I had 2-3 days of travel time (one-way) for every project and I had to rely on the ‘exceptional’ pantry food that is served in the trains (Rajdhani including). I felt that it was better to stay hungry and rely on some snacks than force feed on the pantry food. In order to fight hunger, I decided to write my second novel and deviate my mind. That is how The Blue Bell Villa was born.

6.How did the idea of this book come to you?

It’s just the accumulated thoughts that I had to bring out on paper. I felt that crime fiction would do justice for these thoughts.

7.Is there any character or characters in this book that are inspired from real life?

The protagonist. His personality has been partly derived from me.

8.How does it feel to be a published author?

It has opened up an entirely new dimension for me to connect with the rest of the world. Being anonymous is an added advantage.

9.Are you writing any other book currently?

I have published another book in 2018. It is titled The White Sky (romance).

I am looking for publishers for my completed manuscript(comedy).

10. Tell us something about your journey with

The publishing front was good. It was smooth. But the promotions part went off track with no support and indefinite postponement.

11 .One thing that you would like to say to the aspiring authors/ writers and the readers.

Just do it. Type that first word already. The story will fall in place.

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