Book- Connected

Author- Rori K. Pierce


Bethany Rollins fell hard and fast for Trevor Wade. Yet as time went by, he evolved into a dangerous manipulator who encouraged her to ditch her friends and try drugs. Fearing she’s losing herself to his toxic influence, her goal as the Homecoming dance approaches is to break free from him before she loses herself completely.

Bethany’s saving grace in the midst of this is a boy she’s never met. Knowing him only as Xion949, her online friendship with the mysterious stranger has given her the confidence she needs to make the rough choices to come.

Now, Xion949 wants to meet in person and Bethany is terrified. He’s been her rock. Her sounding board through thick and thin. Will meeting in person strengthen their bond, or tear it apart?


Aren’t we always trying to give our all to relationships because we think it’s better to put more effort by adjusting somewhat in the present relationship rather than having to start everything fresh with someone else. In this process, we also tend to lose ourselves as we have been trying too hard for things to work and the other person in the relationship is least bothered about it and takes you for granted.

When Beth was talking to Xion on the student desk I was able to guess it correctly beforehand only who is Xion actually. I would say it was a nice read for me but a bit too cheesy at some parts. I liked how the author has tried to include some really important topics in a young adult story, potentially triggering topics like toxic relationships, gaslighting and abuse. This book can be somewhat kind of helpful for a young person if we consider that perspective. If you want to have a cheesy read with some triggering topics, you should give this one a read.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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