Book- Keep You Forever

Author- Chhavi Singh

When Kate said “Don’t beat yourself up because you’re falling for someone who can’t fall for you. Either we grow out of it, or it grows towards us “, I felt it. Don’t we all in some point of our life end up falling for someone we can’t have or doesn’t feel the same way about us. How can you take your mind off someone whose existence you carry inside your heart? Yes, it is difficult but what if destiny has some other plans for you. The one you have been thinking and dreaming about this whole time has also been dreaming and thinking about you too, but isn’t expressing because of his own fears.

People say one should live in present and not let our past experiences influence our present. But aren’t our present self a result of our previous experiences, the hurt, the pain that we feel, the love we give, the love we get, the lessons we learn, the fear we inhibit, make us our present version. While Lissa is new to Juniper Hills, trying to fit in at her uncle’s place with her cousin Kate and her best friend Riley, because her parents are having a fallout and needed to go on a cruise to rekindle their love, she can’t help thinking about Asher Prince, who is a rich spoiled guy for everyone, but a whole different person with Lissa. Asher’s friends- Nathan, Kate and Riley have tried to push-through his walls and be there for him but no one has been able to push through the way Lissa did and made home in his heart.

Life isn’t simple right, it makes you go through different situations, breaks you heals you in its own way to guide you to love. The scariest thing about placing your heart in someone else’s hands is that you give them the right to break you- to destroy you, to shatter you-if they want to.  Lissa and Asher share a romance which can make feel many that it’s cliché love story but on the other hand it makes you want to live in it too.  Home is where you’re happy and not where you’re supposed to live. It’s not a place, but a feeling.

I loved living the story through the author’s eyes. The writing style was engaging. The storyline was beautiful. At some points the story was predictable for me but still I was enjoying the way it was being told. This book has ended making me wanting for more. More of the sibling love that Kate and Lissa share, a friend like Riley- always there to help and understand, more of Nathan and Asher’s bromance and a lot more of Asher and Lissa.

I would say read this cute story and live it rather than reading it with critical eyes.

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