Book- Why Not Me? (English Version)

Author- Anubhav Agrawal

Kabhi kabhi beintehaan mohabbat bhi, thodi reh jaati h……

Being a hopeless romantic isn’t easy you know coz we prefer to follow our heart more than our mind and then end up getting hurt. We get hurt coz our heart doesn’t know that we might not end up getting the same amount of love, care and attention that we give to others. Sometimes we even try to adjust according to the person we love too but adjustments happen from both sides, when they happen from only one side the relationship starts to feel a burden.
Not all love stories are successful, sometime we end up giving people so much love and care that we forget that we need it too. Stop giving so much to people who don’t know your value coz when you love someone beyond what they deserve they end up taking you for granted. When people get things easily they end up taking them for granted. A mistake that we end up doing always is keeping others above ourselves in our priority list and losing our self-respect. If I don’t love myself and keep myself as a priority, why would someone else want to love me.

WHY NOT ME? by Anubhav Agrawal is actually a feeling of millions. It takes you through journey of its own, where you might even find yourself in different parts of the story- loving someone more than they deserve, keeping friendships aside for the sake of your new relationship, ignoring everything for love, sacrificing self-respect, trusting and loving someone blindly etc.

The authors poetry handle “Iwritewhatyoufeel” is so apt as he really writes what we feel. When I started reading the book I knew I would be living some parts of my life again through the story as I could relate with Anubhav (the protagonist). The old Anubhav is old me, old me is old Anubhav don’t be like that. I felt so many emotions in this book that it’s hard for me to put them into words. I recommend everyone to read this one. I can bet you’ll see yourself in the book through the author’s words.

I was so excited to read this book that I couldn’t wait for the Hinglish version and bought the English version 🤭😂

Some of my favorite lines from the book:

🍂I grew up in the nineties, in the era of hopeless romantic movies. And that made me a hopeless romantic. I wanted that one love in my life, a person I could live with and share everything with- my life, my happiness, my sorrows and eventually marry. ⁣

🍂Sometimes I wonder how naïve is our heart, it doesn’t question, just waits for a person forever. The heart makes a mistake and the soul is the one that suffers the consequences.⁣

🍂Some people will always have a place in your heart. And you always end up paying a very happy price for keeping people in your heart. ⁣

🍂We get so lost in our love life that we forget to maintain the friendships that have been here with us for years. We forget how valuable our friends are to us, we stop giving them time and expect that they will understand all this. ⁣

🍂It’s not good to be habituated to something. You end up forgetting it’s importance.

🍂I understand for relationships to work you need to adjust. Adjust to the situations that would be created, adjust to the behaviour of the person. But these adjustments are supposed to be from both sides, not just one. If it is just from one side it becomes burden.

🍂This is the thing we don’t understand sometimes. When you get something easily and you don’t have to push yourself hard or struggle to get it, you don’t realize the value of what you have until you lose it. When you struggle to get something, it is then you understand its value.⁣

🍂If you succeed in cheating someone, don’t think that the person is a fool, realize that the person trusted you much more than you deserved. ⁣

🍂Never lose your self-respect for the sake of someone, ever. Don’t beg for their love, respect or time, ever. Doing this will make you lose your self-respect in front of the person and they will never appreciate the effort you put in the relationship.⁣

🍂It is important to love someone, but everything is supposed to be done in moderate amounts. So why give attention, love and care more than needed? If you keep giving more than necessary, you will end up losing your value eventually your love and care will be taken for granted.



Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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