Book – Dopehri (English verion)

Author- Pankaj Kapur

Dopehri is the story of Amma Bi or should I say Mumtaz Siddiqui who lost her identity in being the Begum of Lal Haveli. This book takes you through a simple and known journey of a woman, who loses herself, her identity in life to become a sister, wife, mother and owner of Lal Haveli.

Doesn’t everyone have the right to have an identity of their own? Then why Mumtaz Siddiqui’s identity was limited to begin Amma Bi now?

The writing style was quite easy flowing and engaging but I felt the book somewhere lost its essence in English language. I felt Amma Bi’s emotions through the words. The story ended making me want for more. When I read at the starting of the book that Dopehri was read at many stages, so I had some really high expectations which weren’t met later though.

So I would say if you want to read Dopehri you should try your hands with the Hindi version. 


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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