Book Title- Excess Baggage

Author- Ricja S.Mukherjee

Excess Baggage by Richa S. Mukherjee

Excess Baggage what an apt title. Story of Punjabis’ who aren’t Punjabi but Sindhi. This is the story of Anvishka Punjabi, who’s getting divorced for the second time and started living with her mother. Smita Punjabi, Anvishka’s mother is a people’s person, she can talk to even a stranger like she knows him/ her personally. While the daughter is always irritated, the mother can’t seem to get enough of her first son-in-law, Rudra, who’s like a son to her. Anvishka is a short tempered person who thinks after she speaks. She doesn’t share a good relationship with her mother since her father left and she blames her mother for the same and is always irritated with her.

To take a break from her messy life, she plans to go on a solo-trip getting inspired by ZNMD across Europe but to her surprise or shock I should say her mother forced herself on the trip with her.

How often do we get to read a book where the author amazingly tells the story with a proper mix of humour, family drama, emotions and relationships. I loved the writing style, it was keeping me hooked to the book. The way every character is being used in the story is wow and each of them have their own baggage from Anvishka to Smita Punjabi, from Preeti to Peter, even Mutton and Bhindi. I have never come across such funny names of dogs and I don’t think I will. At times it was a laughter riot for me. This book is a full-on entertainer. With humor Richa ma’am has beautifully taught the readers some life lessons.

I’m glad I picked this as my first read of 2021.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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