Book Title– Desserts For Every Mood

Author– Shivesh Bhatia

Desserts are something that we all like. It’s a mood lifter for me. From chocolates to ice-creams, cakes & pastries to cookies & pies to cupcakes & muffins to pancakes to our Indian halwas and ladoos, there is something or the other whose name itself males us lick our lips and mouth watery.

Usually we order these things up home or go buy then from a shop but this pandemic made us try some amazing recipes at home and we have enjoyed not only the outcome but the process too.

Desserts For Every Mood is an amazing collection of various lip smacking deserts. It’s divided into 6 parts- cakes, cookies, cupcakes & muffins, frosting & fillings, tarts & pies and more sweet treats. This book has a balanced collection of both egg and eggless recipes. It includes some gluten free recipes too. The recipes and ingredients are clearly specified in the book which makes it easier to try a recipe. The book has amazingly clicked pictures of these desserts that you want to eat them right out of those pictures. The author has also shared his story of switching to baking full-time, dropping out of post graduation and creating different yummy recipes and enjoying the process.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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