A Pleasant Escape | Piyush Rohankar | Book Review

“Will I find a place in your memory?
Or if you choose to write a story,
I wonder if you will remember?
Or will I be your forgotten December?
Is this your final goodbye?
These seven days of silence,
How am I supposed to read it?”

Book Title- A Pleasant Escape

Author- Piyush Rohankar

A Pleasant Escape is a book thar made feel almost every emotion that exists within 222pages. It’s a different yet the most relatable story. I not only read but lived each and every page. I found myself relating to each and every character.

Alok, Gaurav, Manish, Balram, Ankit, Sakshi, Abhijeet, Rohini, Indu, Sarah, Rashmi, Gazal and all other characters who were a part of this story had a story of their own. I’m mentioning the name of characters because I was able to relate to all of them in a way or the other at some point or the other.

I would say it’s a well thought and we’ll penned book. The poems that are there in the book are cherry on the cake. The author has not tried to use some heavy words or heavy language and I would like to praise him for that. He kept the language simple and easy flowing to make the story reach a vast set of readers.

I liked how he’s been able to put up everything in all th right places and come up with an amazing book. The ending of the book is totally unpredictable and unexpected. It left me perplexed.

I recommend this book to everyone as I think everyone would be able to relate to it and live it like I did.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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