You Are All I Need | An Anthology Edited by Ravinder Singh | Book Review

“But that was the nature of unrequited love- giving it your all and expecting nothing in return.” -You Are All I Need


Whether it is a distant lover or someone you see every day but can’t confess to; whether it is a love that grows silently or a love that’s not acceptable by society; whether it is a love that will never be yours or a love that is pure and untainted by jealousy-love will always finds a way to survive, to make life more beautiful, more liveable. That’s why we say, ‘Love makes the world go round!’
You Are All I Need is a collection of touching stories selected by Ravinder Singh to bring to the readers the myriad facets of love. This book will make you laugh, cry, think and feel, all at the same time. It is an eclectic collection of love stories that will warm the cockles of your heart.

My Thoughts on the book:

I love reading love stories. I’m a sucker for romance and I look up to Ravinder Singh for that sometimes. I like how he goes for real stories more rather than the cheesy stuff.

You Are All I Need is a collection of beautiful love stories- complete, incomplete, incomplete yet complete love beyond boundaries, cast or religion differences. Some stories just pierced my heart with their beautiful storylines, way of storytelling and there flow, inspired me, while some were not able to leave an impact on me. Each story written by various authors is what made this an amazing book. I wanted to talk about each story separately, so here I go:

  1. A Brief Reunion by Dayal Punjabi -It’s a story of unrequited love of a gay man. I loved this story. The writing style and flow of the story was so good that I didn’t even realized when I came towards the end of the story. I loved the basic thought behind the story.
  2. Love in Dhavali by Sucharita Date- The idea behind the story was very thoughtful but I think that this could have been written in a better way. The story was not able to hold my interest.
  3. The Doors of the Closet Are Now Open by Sai Nithin– One of my favorites, it is a well written and engaging story. I loved how it unfolded and taught a very important lesson of life. It talked about that people who can solve the problems of a relationship are the ones who are in it.
  4. A Cocoon of Love by Ruby Gupta- I think the story could have been told in a much better way. Loved the idea behind the story but it was unable to hold my interest. It talks about the love of a woman for a woman.
  5. The Matchmaker by Anuj Dutt- In this story, a father is telling his daughters how he got married to their mother. It is a sweet and simple story.
  6. Destiny Swipes Right by Rachita Ramya- It talks about how people still prefer genuine relationships in the era of dating apps. An amazing one for me, it held my interest till the end and I would say it’s a well-told story.
  7. Love Transcends Generations by Rupali Tiwari- I loved the idea of the story. I felt that we really need our elders to accept the fact that it’s ok to love someone who is of same gender.
  8. Fast Train to Love by Pooja Dubey- It’s an sweet yet strange kind of love story. We just connect with some people in a short span of time sometimes and not connect even a bit with some despite knowing them for years.
  9. The Genesis of Luck by Ruby Gupta– An incomplete yet complete story. Loving someone doesn’t mean that we’ll be able to be with them. For me this is an open- ended story and can be comprehended in many ways.
  10. Untold Affection by Aarthika Mathialagan- It’s a nice and sweet love story. It takes you back to the school times- stolen glances at your crush, young love, looking for opportunities to talk to your crush etc.
  11. I’m No Good Human by Mohammad Afroz- This one left me totally speechless and stunned. I can’t even express all the chaos and calm that I felt at the same time in my heart after reading it. The author has said everything without even saying much.
  12. Pure Love by Praneetha Gutta- A well thought and nicely penned love story. Reminds the readers that loving someone doesn’t mean being with them for forever or having a relationship tag.
  13. Beyond Right and Wrong by Supreet Kaur- It a love story that that dared to go beyond the cultural and religion differences of the society. A well told. well penned story.
  14. Once Upon a Love by Suranya Sengupta– This story was one of it’s kind. It’s inspiring in it’s own way. Love stories like these are rare.
  15. Yesterday Once More by Sarbani Roy- I loved the idea behind the story but somewhere it failed to whole me till the last. I lost my interest in between. A story of giving your love life a second chance.
  16. Platform 9…. and 3/4? by Sashwati Ghosh- This is on the top of my favorites list. A very engaging, incomplete yet complete story. Kept me hooked till the end.
  17. Flare by Marium Rashid- Stories like these are sacred, they impact you on a deeper level and leave you speechless.
  18. I Got You by Krusha Sahjwani Malkani– Short of words about this one
  19. The Other Side of the Road by Hamsini R. – A story of young love. Made me go down the memory lane.
  20. Something in the Rain by Kaustubhi Singh-This story didn’t work for me at all.
  21. A Tender Ray of Love by Nandita Warrier- Sometimes we are so self-absorbed that we don’t realize how we hurt people. This story is a sweet tale of budding love.
  22. Our Story by Garima Bohra- A thought provoking different kind of story that makes you think.
  23. My Superhero Girlfriend by Writuraj Ghosh- It’s a well structed, well penned amazing story.
  24. Arjun by Maria K. Jimmy – A story about which I don’t know how I’m supposed to put my feelings in words. It was a nice story.
  25. Love in the Times of Marriage by Aparajita Shishoo- This story talks about a much needed fact that everyone needs to understand that a person should marry when he or she is ready and not when they reach a certain age. A very nicely thought and written story.
  26. Love is Coming Soon… by Kiran Wingkar- Sometimes we have to adjust in relationships to make them work so that they work smoothly. This story talked about adjustments that we have to make in relationships. This story was different from another and impacted me differently. Everyone should read this story.

Every story has an essence of its own. I really enjoyed reading tis book. It made me smile and think about various things that we sometimes don’t find words to express and even gave words to some of my feelings.

I would recommend this book to everyone.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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