Eleanor & Park | Rainbow Rowell | Book Review

Author- Rainbow Rowell

Page Length- 336

In frame: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Dear Eleanor and Park, thank you for existing even just in the book because being in your heads for those 300 pages, made me remember a lot of things, made me feel things that I hadn’t felt for sometime, made me go down the memory lane and made me smile and cry too.

I don’t think I can ever recover from the feelings I experienced while reading this book. I just didn’t want this book to end. When we read such books we expect happy endings. But as the author said they’re 17 years old. 17- years-old don’t get happy endings. They get beginnings. I totally agree with her.

Eleanor and Park is always going to be special for me, more close to my heart than other books. This book reminded me about how it felt to be young, being in love for the first time with someone, looking at someone continuously so without letting them know, to hold hands for the first time, to kiss, to have someone to lean on who makes you forget every bad thing happening around you.

The writing style of the author is so good and engaging that I didn’t want to stop reading at any point of time. I was so much into the book that I lived the story of Eleanor and Park. This books is a masterpiece in itself, you’ll feel angry, you’ll smile, at some points you’ll also want to kick Richie hard or throw something heavy on his face making sure you don’t hit the target…. haha…. but you’ll also feel Eleanor’s mother’s helplessness and you’ll even cry at some points too. I can say that this book makes you feel each and every emotion that exists in the world.

I want to recommend this book to everyone.

Yes, I know it includes discrimination and bullying that Eleanor had to face, her problematic family and her insecurities. But it also includes how she was with Park, how they both completed and complemented each other, helped each other face their fears, loved and supported each other.

Thank you Park for being the way you are, for going to those lengths for your love, supporting and making Eleanor believe in herself.

And I really want to know “those three words” written on the postcard.

For the first time I used sticky notes on my book because there were some so so damn beautiful moments that I wanted to capture and read later whenever I’ll feel low. Somewhere I know that I’m gonna come back to this book again and again. Even while writing all this, I have some happy tears. I recommend this to everyone. Guys please do read this.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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