Thanks For The Life | Shripathy Swaminathan | Book Review

“A single drop of negativity is more than enough to shatter the purity of all the positive vibes we develop”

Author- Shripathy Swaminathan

Page Length- 164

Format- Paperback

The protagonist Aron Digit has spent most of the years of his life yearning for someone to be on his side and love him. Since his grandmother died he has been all on his own. When Aaron goes to Banglore for his job he meets Anahita and falls in love with her. At a certain part in our life, we regret ourselves clenching back to our past which cannot be changed and our insecurities take over our life. The same happened with Aaron when his insecurities took over his mind, he hurts Anahita. Unaware and confused about how to sort his life he just runs away. Even Aaron doesn’t know where he was going. When he reaches the Himalayan ranges, he meets a person, he calls the BEARDWALA, who guides him towards his purpose of life and just vanishes afterwards.

This book is a perfect blend of non-fiction with a fictional plot. The author has tried to convey lessons of life through a love story. It keeps the reader hooked. The transition between the past and present was smooth. I liked how characters were developed. Loved the writing style.

At some points in the book, I felt like the language could have been a bit better and there were also some grammatical errors. Wish editing had been better. Despite this I was enjoying reading. I even marked some parts in the book.

If you cannot read a non-fiction like me then you should give this one a read- a perfect blend of non-fiction and fiction. I recommend this book to everyone.

Some of my favorites lines from the book:

  • The story of every dog conveys us the essence of forgiveness and love. They convey to us how to forgive our loved one so that we can love more.
  • When you accept your reality, who you are, you will be floating over all your problems feeling light, like a leaf floating over the water surface.

MY RATING- 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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