The Diary of My Love | Deesha Sangani | Book Review

“No one can heal you, only you can heal yourself. With every passing day, you have to come over your pain. Yes, some scars are deep and can’t be healed, but we can try to at least heal them. Acceptance is the only secret to anything. The day you accept the situation and accept it with open heart and mind, you would actually heal.”
– Anushka, The Diary of My Love

TITLE- The Diary of My Love

AUTHOR– Deesha Sangani


GENRE- Romantic Fiction

This is story of Anushka , who is a passionate girl, wants to achieve her goals and her diary is her partner. Her diary knew all her secrets, love and pain. The feelings she had Sahil bubbled up again when he visits her and makes her believe in them with his never giving up attitude for their relationship. While Anushka thought she was giving him space in life, he had created a world of his own without her and broke up with her over a text. Anushka was broken when she meets Ayush after 4 years. Ayush had felt the spark between them the very first moment when they had meet. While these broken hearts were becoming each other’s support, life played a cruel card and changed everything.

I’m a sucker for romance. It’s also the reason I had picked up this book. But I ended up being disappointed as the book didn’t work for me. The book has some romantic, emotional, feel good lines which were highly relatable. I even underlined some of them.

But the book failed to leave a longer lasting impact on me. I felt that the book lacked proper character building. The transition between the past and present could have been more smooth. This was a slow paced read for me. After a few pages into the book, the storyline became a bit predictable which wavered my already wavering interest in the book.

Not going to recommend it to anyone but feel free to read it of you like. If a book didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for you.

MY RATING- 2.5/5

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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