A Quest Called Life | Mehrzaad Mogrelia | Book Review

“It is okay to pause and rest for a while,
Reflect on all the efforts undertaken so far,
Absorb the positive vibes around you,
Enjoy the glorious moments you have enjoyed,
Love and appreciate the people that have helped you,
Analyze all the times you have failed”

– A Quest Called Life

Author – Mehrzaad Mogrelia

Genre – Poetry

Page length – 56

Format – Kindle Edition

A QUEST CALLED LIFE includes poems which are a series of free-flowing letters from the author’s older self to the younger self giving a voice to the various experiences that the author has encountered first hand or observed from the close quarters of life.

I love reading poetry. They appeal me more than stories. Some poems have the power to affect the readers in a more powerful way. I think writing good poems is one thing and writing heart touching poems is another.

The poems in this book were good but didn’t appeal me much. There were minute grammatical errors at few places. My favorites among all are PAUSE and PositiviTEA. Through her poems tha author has talked about various things like first step, first love, first travel, heartbreak, birth, death, etc.

Author’s thoughts behind the poems were good. When I started reading this book I was really excited but that reduced eventually. The language of the poems could have been better.

If you want to go for a light and short read, you can pick this up.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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