Stories of Us : The Common Man | Bobby Sachdeva | Book Review

“Do we really respect women enough in our society?”
“Have we become so class- conscious that we judge people only by their appearance?”
“Have you ever thought of the starting people and their hunger?”
-These are some of the questions that author asks his readers in the book.

Author- Bobby Sachdeva

Genre- Fiction

Page Length- 254

Format- Paperback

Stories of Us is the debut book of the author Bobby Sachdeva. It is a collection of 41short stories. It includes various thought provoking stories that makes us question many undesirable aspects of everyday life.

The stories showcase a common man as a hero of their own story. Some stories are well written that I wish they were bit longer. I liked the fact that the author has tried to highlight some issues from which we evade. The author has also tried to capture the mind of the readers by asking some questions at the end of each story. These questions leave you thinking.

Author has given happy / dreamy endings to some stories which didn’t work for me. Felt that some stories could have been better. I would say that the author has so much to say about so many issues ( which is very good) but the book could have been better structured.

Overall the book is a nice and light read.

MY RATING- 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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