The Girl With The Silver Star | Rachel Zolotov | ARC Review

I wish that our kids weren’t experiencing a war like we did.” -Lana, The Girl With The Silver Star



Page Length- 232

Format- Kindle edition

This book is inspired by the struggles and suffering of the author’s ancestors during World war II. It’s a story of a mother’s ( Raisa) extraordinary love, who went to all limits she could to protect her daughters (Luba and Sofia), and her family from the Nazis while her husband (Abraham) fought at the front line. This story talked about the unwanted journey that Raisa has to take with her daughters and her family to save them from the Nazis as they were mercilessly killing Jews. They had to flee to save themselves leaving behind their home and obviously the journey forward wasn’t easy. The story also highlights how women were working up to keep their families safe while their men were fighting on the front line. The highlight of the story is the love the protagonist, Raisa and her husband Abraham shared despite of all the atrocities happening around and the distance between them.

This is the first historical fiction that I have read and I really liked it. The writing style of the book is simple yet it manages to make you sad, cry, feel pained, scared and smile at different times. The characters are very well developed. At some points, I even had to keep the book aside because the pain became too much to take. I loved the how Rasia and Abraham’s bond and love is being shown through the letters they shared. The devastation the author’s ancestors felt, she was able to put in well through her book.

At times a reader can also feel that the story is going a bit slow or might loose interest but I would ask you not to put the book aside for forever. One might feel this because the author has tried to put less fiction to the story, so that she can make the real story reach the readers.
I just wish Abraham had a different fate because he deserved that.

If you are a historical fiction person go for it immediately as it releases and I would urge everyone to give it a read too.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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