Liberation Through the Bridge of Insanity | Raghav Thakran | Book Review

Author- Raghav Thakran

Print Length-140

Publishers- APK publishers

I came across this book through the E-Lit Festival organized by (it’s a website from where you can buy author signed and second hand books at low prizes)

Have you ever read a book that made your heart heavy? Have you ever read a book that called you towards itself and you even went for it despite the fact that it’s getting difficult for you to read through it as it touches some delicate parts/ incidents of your life that you don’t want to go back to ? Have you ever read a book that numbed you?

Well the book “LIBERATION THROUGH THE BRIDGE OF INSANITY” did everything to me that i asked you in the questions above. This book contains poems and short stories written by Raghav Thakran which her mother and sister found out one day in his room after his death and got them published because they knew how much he wanted to be a writer and wanted his writings to reach everyone out in the world.

It was quite difficult for me to read each and every word written in the book because each and every word told it’s own story. At points I felt like Raghav was trying to tell every one reading his words. At the starting of this book Raghav’s mother has narrated how she got the news of Raghav’s demise and how the whole family was broken from inside but was trying to stronger on the outside for the others. She has also said that she felt like jumping from the same place from where Raghav fell to his demise. I don’t know whether it was a suicide or what or how he actually died. But just knowing these mere facts at just the start of this book made my heart heavy from the beginning itself.

When I started reading I felt that yes Raghav’s mother was right that his writings felt much mature than his age. It feels like he has put all his heart in his writings. Each poem, each short story took me to a journey of its own. At multiple times I was on the verge of crying, t felt like someone was somewhere trying to tell me through the ordeals he went through which crushed him, shaped him into a new person, gave him hope, yet again he faced challenges that broke him worse than before but still somehow he tried to be hopeful, fighting against his thoughts, negativity, taking up new challenges life threw at him.

Each word written in this book touched some untouched nerves in me, shook me in a different way I could feel the pain, the tears, the heart break, the feeling of helplessness yet being hopeful to fight the challenges life throws at you, giving yourself the strength to try to move on and take life one step each day and much more. I don’t know how to express what all this book made me feel yet I’m trying.

The author talked about how a person might me smiling on the outside but broken on the inside and you may never know about the battles he/ she might be fighting. People say that crying is a sign of weakness but they need to understand that crying is an emotion and it’s normal to cry, to let out our emotions, our pain, we really need to change this thinking that crying is dramatic or a sign of weakness. We need to accept people as they are. We all want to be understood and accepted as we are but how many of us are ready to reciprocate, we need to understand that like us the other person also wants to be accepted as he/ she is will all the emotional baggage and past experiences. The book also includes some poems about different forms of loves, soldiers, independence, our freedom of existence, relationships etc.

This book created a void in me. I believe that some books have the power to take a part of us with them as we go through each and every word written in them. And this books has taken a part of me.

MY RATING – 4.5/5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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