One Step to the Moon: IIT vs LOVE | Pratik Shelke | Book Review




“The light of aarti and diyas were imparting a yellowish hue to her face. With her just- bathed look, water drops in ears, juicy lips; she was looking beautiful than ever n A complete angel…”
No, I’m not describing a scene from a bollywood movie, I’m telling you how Sachi looked through Pratik’s eyes.

The author tries to engage you in his story from the acknowledgments itself and then he makes you more curious by heading towards some creative and intriguing chapter names such as eight evils spirits and one angel, Hermione Granger and Arjun Kapoor and Bajirao Mastani. This is a story of people who gave their best and yet couldn’t achieve their dreams and people who have loved someone truly with few flavors of friendship and family.

This is the story of Pratik who had been a school topper and an IIT aspirant. He spent his 2 years in Hyderabad away from his family to study for IIT. We all have had crushes in our school or coaching centres but only few of us had the courage to go and tell them about our feelings. Similarly Pratik couldn’t tell her crush Sachi about his feelings. We all have this habit of imagining things which might happen in the future or never happen. The same way Pratik was living in a parallel world where Sachi loved him back. When we love someone we start imagining various scenarios in our mind with that person and our mind chooses to believe only those which are favorable to us, similarly Pratik thought that Sachi also loved him and wanted to be with him. Pratik’s concentration in studies took a downward spiral when he fell in love with Sachi. Though he never told her about his feelings, he used to drop little hints and the way in which she used to react made him believe that she shared the same feelings as his.

He used to call Sachi at her mother’s phone every time with new excuses so that he could hear her voice and talk to her. He never expected that Sachi never felt the same way about him and she was getting irritated by him. Since she didn’t know how she could explain the same to Pratik, one day she made her brother do the talking to Pratik when he called. Only then he realizes that she didn’t want him around.

This turned out to be a major blow for him and the steps he took next are those which I didn’t like( or I should say I don’t personally believe that they are solution to any problem. It’s an engaging story and the fact that the author tried to keep it as real as possible makes it more connecting for the readers. The story includes only Pratik’s side of the story and to say that Pratik was right or wrong in any manner would not be justified till we know both side of the stories.

I want to say that if boys have some feelings for a girl they should  communicate her about the same directly so that they would be clear and not expect what’s not even there and if girls don’t have true feelings for a guy they should do let him know and not give him false hopes.

It’s not bad to fall in love, we need to balance everything in life. Our family loves us more than anything and they don’t deserve to see that we tried to or committed suicide just because someone didn’t love you back. Always remember our family loves us more than anyone.
I recommend this to every student and even parents so that they can also understand things from the view of youngsters.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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