Our Love Story | Rohit Sharma | Book Review

Author- Rohit Sharma 

Publisher- Fingerprint Publishing

Print Length– 304

“OUR LOVE STORY” is the love story of Aditya and Veronica or I should say Adi and VJ. It’s a sensitive, romantic and motivating story about selfless love and intricate relationships- an inspiring tales of love and heartbreak, hope and hopelessness, friendship and hatred, smile and tears.

We say true love is rare but we all have loved someone so much that nothing mattered to us at that point of time. And not all love stories are two sided, some are one-sided also. For me love is a beautiful feeling where a person’s heart matters more than his/her looks. What would I do with a good looking person 30-40 years later, if our hearts don’t match. Love is when someone understands you, supports you irrespective of the circumstances, accepts you with all your flaws and scars and inspires you to become a better person everyday.

People say that love is blind. No it’s not, it just makes you a little more optimistic towards life, gives you more strength and a reason to fight the challenges life throws at you. We often see that people give up their dreams for love not because they are no more capable of fulfilling them but because priorities and dreams change with time and we start seeing those dreams with our love.

I can go on and on about love. It’s one of my favorite topics to talk about. We need to understand that loving someone doesn’t mean that other person is supposed to love us back. Love is selfless, it is accepting the fact that it’s okay if your love doesn’t love you back.

While reading this book I felt that I was watching a romantic Bollywood movie which made me smile, cry, pained and at times I found myself praying for things to get better. If you are a fan of romances this book should be your just read.



Rating: 4 out of 5.

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