Love and Lies | Ravinder Singh and Mitali Meelan | Book Review

Author: Ravinder Singh and Mitali Meelan

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Page Length: 33

Format: Kindle Edition

Kavya and Pranita have been best friends since childhood, and while Kavya is an introvert, Pranita is outgoing and flirtatious. Things change between them as they start their college lives together, and Kavya begins to feel lonely and neglected as Pranita spends more and more of her time with her new boyfriend. Sadly, being single while your friends are dating comes with its own social pressure. So Kavya gets on a dating app, and finds herself a boy to talk to. Very quickly, things get complicated, and Kavya finds herself telling a lie to keep Pranita from guessing that her friend’s first date wasn’t a success. But the thing with lies is, you need just one more to secure the previous one. A story about friendship, love and deception.

Attraction is always stronger than love. It makes you want to change yourself to suit the need of the person. But love makes you want to be better, not different. Love gives you the space to be who you are. It is comfortable and simple, while attraction is passionate and short-lived. When you’re attracted to someone, you’re looking at their body. When you love someone, you look at their heart. This is so beautifully being explained in this book.

I believe that the bond between beat friends is sacred. You can insult each other but cannot stand it if anyone else does it. It’s normal to feel left out when your best friend comes in a relationship because we just don’t want to loose out your person but this can be solved by talking about it with your best friend. Because I believe that communication is one of the keys to successful relationships. When we lie, we have to come up with more and more of lies to keep up the first one and we get trapped in the web of lies.

This lovely book takes you on a sweet journey of friendship and love . I loved how the story unfolds. I could relate to it. While reading it a lot of memories came to my mind and I could feel what Kavya felt as we all have somewhere or the other felt the same kind of social pressure from our peers. It’s a short but impressive read.

I surely recommend it.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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